Marty Harris began his career as a digital illustrator one year after the Macintosh hit the shelves. Thirty-plus years later he is still sitting in front of his Mac making pictures…in a much nicer chair. He has illustrated software for early local developers; worked with WCCO TV creating news graphics, set designs, and courtroom illustrations: and done digital photo retouching (pre-Photoshop) at a local prepress company. As an associate of Spectrum Studio, Harris was one of the Twin Cities’ first studio illustrators working on the Mac. He would later do a six year tour with Baker Associates, designing and illustrating packaging for Kraft, Nabisco, and General Mills, among other national brands.

Marty has made his living in the Twin Cities—not Chicago, not LA, or NYC — fashioning himself into a utility Illustrator, a kind of digital illustration general practitioner. Most any project that comes through the door, he gets it done, from character work to instructional graphics, or as he likes to say, “from the Trix rabbit to aortic catheters”. He is a classic, get-the-job-done, commercial studio illustrator, with a succinct and good hearted sensibility.

Over the past eight years, since the children have left the nest, Marty has slowly gotten back to his roots as a fine artist, as a painter, drawer and printmaker. These days, he enjoys marching out into the landscape toting his modernist mentality and his fine arts degrees, and bringing back painterly trophies to hang on the wall.